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Food with pork meat is no doubt a booster for the hungry. Nasi campur, Babi Guling, Babi panggang karo, or Bakmie, are the familiar menu for the food hunter and lover. For those who are in Jakarta area, these 5 place is a must for food lover!


1. Bakmi Abun


One of the legendary food vendor in Jakarta. Located in Pasar Baru area, they have serve the people since decades ago. Noodles with savory flavors and distinctive taste, make Bakmi Abun until now have loyal customers who bring their grandchildren to enjoy this pork noodle.


The recommended menu is Bakmi Babi Spesial, consisted of mushrooms, pork with sauce, chasiu, and roasted pork / siobak. Siobak on bakmie menu is the rare thing you can find in other food vendor. For those who want to choose other than noodle, you can choose kwetiau or fried rice noodles as an alternative. Other menus are also delicious such as butter fried chicken, butter fried frog, chili sapi cah, fried capcay and others menus as well.


Price: approx. IDR 50,000

Address and open hour :

Jl. Pintu Air 5 No. 55G, Pasar Baru, Jakarta

Jl. Boulevard Timur Blok NB1, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

9.00 am to 7.00 pm


2. Nasi Campur Kenanga


Located in Blok M area, you can visit Nasi Campur Kenanga once you finish your shopping. Nasi Campur Kenanga consists of fluffier white rice, char siu (sweet), grilled white pork (salty), egg soy sauce, soy sauce ripe ears, Hainam chicken, pork satay and include cucumber. The portions served a bit too little. But do not worry, this moderation portion does not make us feel too full, the delicious taste of mixed rice is still felt for a longer period of time.

The menu provided is also quite diverse. Besides Nasi Campur Kenanga, you can order Nasi Hainam Campur, variations of Bakmie / vermicelli (chicken, meatballs, tripe, mixed, roaster pork), boiled dumplings, pork sauce, satay pork, dimsum, fried meatballs, ngohiong, Bakut salted vegetable, and also beverages such teh liang.


Price: approx. IDR 50,000

Address and open hour :

Grand Wijaya Center, Jl. Wijaya 2, Dharmawangsa, Jakarta

9.00 am to 08.00 pm


3. Lapo Tapian Nauli


The combination of Chinese and Bataknese taste, will become a distinctive and rich in spices. As in this restaurant, the fried pork is very tasty, because the cooking process is through frying and more crispy taste.

Here you can you can try the various menu of pork such as Saksang, tango-tango, fried, sweet and sour, soy sauce, and rica-rica. In addition to pork menu, this Lapo also serves a varied menu of shrimp, chicken, fish, fried rice, and of course the Bataknese menu such as Ikan Mas Arsik, Ikan Mas Natinombur, Ikan Mas Sambal Pete, Sayur Singkong, Ikan Teri Medan and Es Campur Medan.  They only serves Ikan Teri Medan on Saturdays and Sundays.


Price: approx. IDR 50,000

Address and open hour :

Jl. Binamarga No. 31, Cipayung, Jakarta

10.00 am to 1.00 am


4. Lapo Ni Tondongta


This Lapo is not only famous for the Batak people but also for lovers of pork meat in Jakarta. The recommended menu of Lapo Ni Tondongta is a roasted pork and Saksang, along with coconut milk-mashed cassava leaves. Other menus also serves for your hungry stomach such as Lomok-Lomok Goreng, Sop Babi, Naniura, Manuk Na Margota, Kue Ketawa and refreshing thirst-quenching beverages.


Price: approx. IDR 30,000

Address and open hour :

Jl. Gelora Los A1, Senayan, Jakarta

10.00 am to 10.00 pm


5. Babi Guling Ko Made


For the lovers of Bali culinary, suckling pig of Bali is a must. Bali spice flavor that permeated the meat, uniquely Balinese cooking methods, add delicious flavor when eaten. Bigul Ko Made already known to the lover of Balinese suckling pig. Here you also can order Paket Bigul Besar or Kecil, and Paket Ayam Betutu.


Price: approx. IDR 50,000 (foods) and approx. IDR 20,000 (beverages)

Address and open hour :

Jl. Pluit Karang Indah Timur, Blok L9 Timur No. 23, Pluit, Jakarta.

11.00 am to – 10.00 pm


Are you ready to hunt pig in Jakarta? Any other recommendation? Let us know! =)