Jakarta as one of the metro area need park as a balance for the urban life, full of vehicle’s exhausted smoke and other stuff. A park with a range of green trees and other plants has crucial role as a city lungs, where the plants help the exchange between carbon monoxide and oxygen in the air. Citizens also can use the park for recreational and relaxing place with their family.

If you are around Blok M area, here are 2 city parks which will give you fresh atmosphere in the middle of the hustle bustle Jakarta


Taman Ayodya/Barito (Ayodya/Barito Park)

As well as Situ Lembang, Taman Ayodya/Barito has a 16,000-square foot artificial lake with the fountain, which make the park looks more beautiful at the night. Equipped with the gazebo and open-space-theatre-like decorations, Taman Ayodya is a right place to relax after your daily activities.

 Taman Ayodya_ulinulin

courtesy of elnicamangi

These 80,000s square-foot park was a florists and fish market in Barito area before the municipal government destroy it and rebuild it as a city park. The circle-shape park looks like an island.  The outer part of the park planted by high towering-dense tropical trees while the inside part planted by smaller trees, green grass, range variety of beautiful flower, a-18,000-square foot jogging track, gazebo, pendopo, dan park bench. You can enjoy your time here since the food seller are prohibited in these area. That’s also the reason why you need to bring your own food when visiting Taman Ayodya.


Lokation: Jalan Mahakam II, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

500 meters from Terminal Blok M


Taman Martha Tiahahu (Martha Tiahahu Park)

The park’s name was dedicated to one of national heroine, Martha Christina Tiahahu (4 January 1800– 2 January 1818). She was a Moluccan freedom fighter and active in military from a young age. She joined the war led by Pattimura against the Dutch colonial government when she was 17 years old. After being captured in October 1817, she was released on account of her age. She continued to fight, and was captured again. Sent to Java to be a slave laborer, she fell ill on the way and, refusing to eat or take medicine, died on a ship in the Banda Sea.

 Taman Martha Tiahahu_ulinulin

courtesy of idjakarta

These 215,000s square foot park is suitable for family picnic and outside activity, and it's free entry. You can do outside activity such as bicycling, skateboarding, jogging, watching a pigeon flying, or feeding the cock at the park. In the middle of the park, they have a fish pool, green trees and beautiful flower to help you relaxing here.

Location: Jl. Sisingamangaraja, Melawai.

Right at the back of Blok M Terminal